Use these activities to explore a textile mill during the Industrial Revolution.

Background:  Find out about the Mill Girls of Lowell, submit an article to the Lowell Offering newspaper and print out the Mill Girls Word Find. History:  Learn about the history of Lowell and the inventions of the 19th century
People:  Play WHO AM I? to understand the lives of the mill workers, mill management and the citizens of the city of Lowell. Issues:  Submit your signature or objection to the Ten Hour Petition and use these links to explore issues of the Industrial Revolution and the mills. 

This site has been created by students of Mary Weingartner's 5th Grade Humanities class
after reading the book Lyddie and visiting the Tsongas Industrial History Center at the Lowell Mills.
Their graphics and pages have been published by their computer teacher, Wendy Harrington.

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Berwick Academy Class of 2008
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