Innovation Pursuit Program

An Innovation Pursuit (IP) is a completely student-driven and student-directed endeavor. The subject choice is dependent upon each individual student’s passion. Student inquiry is personalized and the outcome is deeper learning and a greater appreciation of the topic. Students who complete an IP do so in addition to their academic commitments and the focus of their IP falls outside of what is offered through the Berwick curriculum. 
Innovation Pursuits directly foster and instill the skills required in 21st century education. Students conduct original research and critically think about new ways to problem solve. Each IP includes creative elements of originality. Students collaborate and make connections with other experts in their fields, and Innovation students strengthen communication skills and share their projects outside of the Berwick community. And it all begins with student choice!

  • An Innovation Pursuit is not an independent study  
  • Mentor collaboration is a crucial element of every IP
  • Innovation Coordinators will assist in the mentor-pairing process.

Faculty Resources

The Jackson Library has a database of community members and their professional interests in supporting innovative projects. Occasionally, a student may have an interest beyond the scope of current faculty. In that case, the coordinators will try to solicit mentors from the greater community, which may include local universities, industries, or professional groups.
“Innovation Pursuits allow students to develop the skills and demonstrate the personal characteristics that colleges value highly, IPs have allowed our students to distinguish themselves from thousands of other qualified college applicants.” - Director of College Counseling, Moira McKinnon

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    Director of Innovation & Upper School Librarian Gr 10-12
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