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Lower School

Fourth Grade

Lower School Leaders

The fourth grade teachers reap the benefits of teaching children who have gained a passion for learning by virtue of being nurtured and supported through the younger grades within the Lower School. 
Throughout the year, students continue their growth as enthusiastic writers and readers, confident mathematicians, informed social studies participants, inspired participants within Exploration classes, and respectful friends within the fourth grade classrooms and throughout the Lower School.
The fourth grade faculty team strives to create a safe and comfortable learning environment where students are at ease asking questions, exploring learning opportunities, and making mistakes. Creating a strong sense of community while building empathy and compassion within the classroom are just as important as the actual core curriculum. Fourth grade instructional goals also include providing learning experiences that are differentiated, student focused, and of high interest.

Skills and Enduring Understandings

Fourth grade student learning is centered around a positive environment that promotes risk-taking and encourages students to trust themselves.  As such, fourth grade begins with a focus on wellness, accepting differences, and making good choices, which continues throughout the year. Being at the “top” of the Lower School, students have the opportunity to practice supportive leadership skills through our Ambassador Program. 
The curriculum itself is integrated in a manner that focuses on carefully chosen class books which are read, shared, and discussed as a whole group.  In-depth Math in Focus lessons, which highlight evolving elementary-level math skills and expanded math problem-solving approaches, are also crucial fourth grade components.  Fourth graders also study the various connections that begin with European exploration and continue through the Colonial period with engaging discussions, historical fiction chapter books, and local field trips.  Project-based assignments give greater depth to literacy, math and social studies skills and content. Social emotional learning activities and Exploration classes further round out an impressive fourth grade curriculum and collaborative focus.
Over the course of the year, the fourth graders increasingly focus on and prepare for the transition to fifth grade and the Middle School.  Through aligned curricular experiences, middle school personnel visits, step-up day programming and focused teacher-led classroom discussions, the fourth grade students are well prepared for their move to the Middle School level.

Essential Questions

Daily Schedule

Meet the Teachers

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  • Mark Summers

    I have had the pleasure of teaching fourth grade at Berwick Academy since 2001. Prior to that, I taught second and third grade in Berwick, Maine (MSAD #60) for sixteen years.
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  • Betsy Rocha

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