Seventh Grade English
Seventh grade English challenges students to build skills in grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and punctuation.  These skills are reinforced in writing assignments that help students practice organization and development of thesis statements, topic sentences, supporting details. The literature has been selected to correspond with the social studies course. Students are encouraged to read critically with an appreciation of the author’s artistry as well as a discernment of the theme of the text. Students will also be expected to develop oral presentation skills.  Students often bring a passion for reading, writing, and discussion. This energy and enthusiasm is encouraged and contagious.

MS Algebra IA
This first half of the Algebra I course provides students with the tools necessary for learning algebra and becoming aware of the existence and importance of math outside of the classroom.

7th Grade Science
In 7th grade science, students investigate life through time, the geology of the Seacoast, and alternative energy; with particular emphasis on organization and planning, self-advocacy, peer review, reflection, and resilience through regular experiences in which students design and carry out data-driven investigations based on purposeful questioning.

7th Grade World Cultures
What do students gain from this course?

  • developing a citizenship of the World by exploring and understanding cultures different than one’s own
  • a respect for differences and perspectives of our global neighbors
  • cartography skills and an appreciation for the impact of geography
  • an understanding of global interdependence

How do students learn about World Cultures?

Reading/Reflecting: videos, newspapers, magazines, photographs, maps, textbooks
Sharing/Listening: interviews, podcasts, music, notes, community members, each other
Researching: databases, books, reliable websites, encyclopedias, maps, videos
Creating: maps, presentations, written reflections, artwork, food, relationships

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