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Jufen Rui

Teacher Profile:
I am the Lower School and High School Mandarin Teacher. I grew up in a “little town” with a population of more than 7 million in southeast China. I graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Swahili, and later earned my Master’s degree in Contrastive and Applied Linguistics in 2011 at Tianjin Foreign Studies University. I have almost 10 years of teaching experience at different levels from pre-kindergarten to college level. I always enjoy spending my time with students. They inspire me in countless ways. Other things I love: nature and animals. I have a cat, a dog, and chickens, as well as vegetable and flower gardens. Reading and music always bring me a sense of peace.

Why do you love teaching Mandarin?
I have always loved learning languages - any and all languages - both in school as well as on my own. Knowing a foreign language opens a new door to that country’s culture. I always believe that if a person wants to conquer ignorance, shallowness, and stereotypes, the best method is to get to know other cultures first-hand, and language is the key to those cultures. It is my pleasure to help students get to know Mandarin, so that they can know China first-hand.

How do you define great teaching?
Great teaching occurs when students are looking at you with curiosity; it occurs when students are trying very hard and struggling, and finally their efforts pay off; it occurs when students and teachers work together to produce that pay-off moment.

Describe your classroom in five words:
My classroom is a comfortable, fun, challenging, organized, and loving place to learn.

What is your favorite thing about the Lower School?
My favorite thing about the Lower School is that it is an organized and well-planned place to work, which provides students a safe and comfortable place to grow up. It goes beyond the imparting of knowledge from books; what’s more, it creates this great atmosphere in which everybody loves and helps each other, and in which we are happy together.


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