Mikella Eichen

Teacher Profile:
My name is Mikella Eichen and I teach second grade at Berwick Academy. It has always been a dream of mine to become a teacher.  When I was a little girl I would always play school teaching my brothers new things. I have recently earned my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at Plymouth State University. I have taught in public schools for 14 years. My son Jackson and I, are both excited to begin our journey here at Berwick Academy together. Jackson will be entering the third grade this year. I am so impressed and feel honored to be part of such a supportive community of learners. Prior to teaching, I owned and operated a small dance business in Lancaster, New Hampshire where I taught hip hop, jazz, tap, lyrical and modern. Dance has always been my passion. I had the opportunity to teach hip hop classes at my previous school. My husband and I live in Greenland with our son and two Himilayan cats Thelma and Louise.  We are loving the Seacoast area!

Why do you love teaching your specific age?
I thoroughly enjoy coming to school each and every day to lead students on their learning journey.  It is such an exciting and suspenseful time to watch students grow as learners as they face challenges and learn how to problem solve.  Second graders love school and their enthusiasm is contagious!

What defines a great teacher?
I believe there are many good teachers out there educating our children but what separates a “good” teacher from a “great” teacher is one who is resilient,  always looking for ways to learn more.  They are data driven to inform their instruction while motivating students to have a passion for learning.  A great teacher invites every child to join a community and feel a sense of ownership and that they belong.  A great teacher will create and establish a respectful, nurturing environment where students’ lives, languages, and cultures are represented within the classroom.   A great teacher will create a safe and comfortable atmosphere where learners are able to take academic risks.  A great teacher has a passion to teach and will inspire the young minds to be challenged while finding fun, exciting and innovative ways to learn.  A great teacher will inspire their students to carry their love of learning outside of the classroom into their home and beyond.

What is your favorite lesson to teach?
While it is difficult to pinpoint a specific lesson, I would have to say that I thoroughly enjoy the Roald Dahl author study all year long.  I am an actress at heart and I love taking on the roles of the characters throughout the story.  Upon entering my classroom during read aloud one could hear a pin drop as the students are listening intently to every word.  They love watching the words come alive right before them.
What is your classroom motto?
“Where young minds grow, tender hearts open and an inspired life begins.”
What is your favorite thing about working in the Berwick Lower School?
My favorite thing about Berwick is the sense of community.
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