Berwick Academy Chosen as a "School that Shines"

Since its inception in 2008, the Berwick Academy Innovation Center has been creating a buzz among students, parents, and faculty, and has recently caught the attention of news channel WCSH6 out of Portland, Maine. Beginning today, Berwick Academy and its Innovation Program will be featured as a “School that Shines” on channel 6. As part of the program, Berwick will be featured in a 30 second TV spot that will run for a full month.

Click here to view the spot if it does not appear below.

“It was such exciting news to learn that we were selected to be a ‘School That Shines’ for the Innovation Center.” said Berwick Innovation Center Director and School Librarian Darcy Coffta; “It's a strong statement for the program and just goes to show what is possible when we let our kids follow their passions.”

The Berwick Innovation Center (BIC) is a supplemental program designed to help meet the creative and intellectual needs of Berwick students. This program offers an opportunity for these students to pursue an area of study for which they hold a strong interest or curiosity that is not offered in the School’s regular curriculum. Innovation projects are completely student-driven and student-directed endeavors, with guidance from a knowledgable mentor, and subject choice is dependent upon each individual’s passion. The program is open to all Middle and Upper School students (grades 5-12) as well as our fourth graders, which is a new venture this year. Berwick also offers Innovation Jr., a club-based after school enrichment program for students in grades 1-4.

Current and past BIC project topics include “Education in the Developing World,” “The Study of Sericulture,” “Wind Power at Berwick Academy,” “Comparing Educational Differences Worldwide,” and even “Cupcake Innovation.”  Over the last 4 years, the program has grown immensely, with a total of four students participating in the first year and 22 participating this year. Berwick Academy is excited about the future of the program and is very proud to be chosen as a “School that Shines.” For more information about the Berwick Innovation Center, visit

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