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Providing access to a high-quality independent school experience can be life changing for students. Supporting middle- and low-income families is a challenge for almost any independent school, where resources are often less abundant than need. The Bill & Kathryn Matthews Memorial Fund was established to help meet that need.
Since 2016, Berwick Academy’s partnership with Whittier Falls has provided a life altering educational experience for local students while also aligning with the school’s goals to increase racial and socio-economic diversity on campus. Known as The Matthews Scholars, the program’s students have been thriving at Berwick. Each year the students progress exponentially in the academic and social setting at Berwick with the support and encouragement of the school’s dedicated faculty.

Through The Bill & Kathryn Matthews Memorial Fund, and the support of our generous donors, Berwick’s need-based financial aid program covers the full tuition for each Matthews Scholar. The financial aid awards will follow our Matthews Scholars through graduation.

The Scholars - Success Stories

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  • Grade 5

    Our Grade 5 Scholar is characterized as a kind and respectful student and classmate, approaching learning with focus and enthusiasm. Teachers commend the Scholar's naturally positive attitude, admirable work ethic, perseverance through challenges, self-awareness, and willingness to seek help.
  • Grade 6

    Our Grade 6 Scholar is known for injecting fun facts into science class discussions and asking insightful questions to enhance understanding. Described as hardworking and curious, the Scholar willingly tackles new skills and concepts. During the Imagined Animal diorama project, the Scholar demonstrated thoughtfulness, helpfulness, patience, persistence, and forgiveness in the face of challenges.
  • Grade 8

    Our Grade 8 Scholar continued to excel in English and art this year, showcasing notable progress in math, science, and social studies. Described as a confident, highly capable, creative, and naturally curious learner, the Scholar contributed significantly to classroom understanding with insightful contributions. The Scholar shared, “I feel most successful when I come up with solutions for a problem.”
  • Grade 10

    Our Grade 10 Scholar consistently brings fresh perspectives to class discussions, demonstrating advanced communication skills in Intermediate Advanced Spanish and producing exceptional work in Drawing II, particularly with their large-scale skeleton drawing. Outside of the classroom, the Scholar was awarded Most Valuable Player for their contributions this fall to the JV Volleyball team.
  • Grade 11

    Our Grade 11 Scholar challenged themselves by writing in various genres, from second-person vignettes to literary analysis. They actively participate in the classroom, taking notes, answering questions, and posing insightful queries. Faculty members note the Scholar's dedication to becoming a more focused, organized, and mechanically sound writer.

The Matthews Fund by the Numbers

The Fund
Endowment Value (as of 6/30/23): $350,000
Outstanding Pledges: $275,000
Estimated Fund Value (gifts and pledges): $625,000
Goal: $1,000,000

The Match - $250,000
In 2022, Dick Shafner '65 and his wife, Janet Eustis, pledged a $250,000 match towards The Bill and Kathryn Matthews Memorial Fund. Entering the second fiscal year of this match, we have already received over $230,000 in gifts and pledges.

Long Term Goals
Our goal is to elevate this fund to $1 million in the coming years, aligning with The Campaign for Berwick. The Matthews Fund ensures a Berwick education will remain accessible to generations of Matthews Scholars.

-Dick Shafner '65 

The Matthews Fund provides a life-changing experience for these students.
Bill Matthews began his career at Berwick Academy in 1963 serving the school in a variety of roles until his retirement in June of 1979. Bill was remembered fondly by many alumni during the boarding school years (1960-1973). This fund was established to honor Bill’s legacy at Berwick and he and his wife, Kathryn’s, steadfast commitment to education.
For more information on The Bill & Kathryn Matthews Memorial Fund please contact Stephanie Caswell, Director of Leadership Giving and Philanthropy (scaswell@berwickacademy.org or 207.384.6396).​

Berwick Academy

Berwick Academy, situated on an 80-acre campus just over one hour north of Boston, serves 550 students, Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 and Post-Graduates. Berwick students are from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and several countries. Deeply committed to its mission of promoting virtue and useful knowledge, Berwick Academy empowers students to be creative and bold. Berwick strives to graduate alumni who shape their own learning, take risks, ask thoughtful questions, and come to understand and celebrate their authentic selves.