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Holly Cannon '20

What activities are you involved in at Berwick? Are there any activities you pursue off campus?
On campus I am a member of the Varsity Soccer Team, Junior Varsity Hockey, Co-Leader of the Literary Magazine, and a member of the Student Wellness Advising Team.

What is something that makes Berwick unique?
Something that makes Berwick unique is the close relationships students make with their teachers.

What do you enjoy about being a tour guide?
The best part about being a tour guide is showing people around Berwick's beautiful campus and telling them various stories from my seven years on the hilltop.

What has been a favorite Berwick classroom moment?
My favorite classroom moment so far has been the egg drop project in Physics class my freshman year. I had watched the Upper Schoolers do it for years and to finally be able to do it was fun and accomplishing!

What aspects of the structure at Berwick allow you to thrive as a student and community member?
I really owe it to my teachers, faculty, and peers for my success thus far at Berwick. Their continuous care and support have allowed me to have an amazing seven years on the Hilltop!

What are the top three things on your Berwick bucket list?
1. Do an innovation project, 2. be a part of the club "Big and Little Buddies", 3. win EILs!!!


Berwick Academy

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