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The goal of the visual arts curriculum is to teach students to see, reflect, and respond to the world with fresh eyes.  Teachers in all three divisions present a vibrant arts curriculum which encourages the development of each student’s personal voice and presents challenges which cultivate original thought and creative problem solving. This curriculum aims to develop the technical skills for a range of disciplines, materials and experience while providing both depth and breadth of artistic study at age appropriate stages of learning. At Berwick Academy, studio spaces are safe places where students engage in collaborative and self-directed study, learn critical thinking skills, and where students gain artistic confidence and an appreciation and understanding of art.
The Art Department has four large multi-media studios, a ceramics classroom, a wet-process dark room, and a hot room for Metalsmithing and glass.

K-12 students are selected for the Art around Campus, rotating exhibition of framed student work. Students also have the opportunity to exhibit at the gallery in the Whipple Arts Building in school-wide student exhibitions, Winterfest Art Exhibition and the Senior Arts Show.

The Jackson Library Gallery hosts various exhibitions of the work of visiting artists and alumni as well as that of our student artists. Student shows include select group shows and the annual AP Art Exhibition.
Therefore, we must be able to interpret and process the barrage of visual stimuli that exists in this twenty-first century. The visual arts not only include the fine arts of drawing, painting, sculpture and photography, etc., but also film, video, and the marketing media. Developing skills in and understanding of the visual arts provides the sequential learning experiences that will enable students to question, investigate, communicate, reason and make judgements in the absence of a rule. Utilizing the higher-order thinking skills that are an integral aspect of the visual arts present situations whereby students foster creative thinking, problem solving, self-awareness, self-confidence and social interaction. (Adapted from the Maine and New Hampshire Framework for the Arts)

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