Advisory Program

Berwick Academy prides itself in providing a unique high school experience that is both safe and supportive. With an 8:1 student to teacher ratio, Berwick Academy’s smaller size lends itself to personalized attention for all of its students. On top of this, during their time here at Berwick Academy, each Upper Schooler is assigned a faculty advisor who serves an important role in guiding and monitoring academic and social progress during each student’s high school years. This advisor/advisee relationship is an integral part of the Berwick Academy Upper School experience. Students meet with their advisors every Wednesday morning along with the other students in their advisor group. Not only does this allow advisors the chance to check in with their advisees at least once a week, but the multi-grade structure of the advisory groups promotes strong community bonds, creates a natural peer mentoring environment, and provides younger students with a source of support within the student body. In addition to serving as a source of guidance for students, advisors serve as a point-person for parents as well. If students are experiencing social or academic issues, Advisors work closely with parents, and other faculty involved to ensure the appropriate parties are informed, a solution is agreed upon, and then subsequently implemented. Students usually stay with the same advisor throughout all four years, enabling a strong bond between advisor and advisee that often lasts even after graduation. The Advisory Program is just one part of the support system offered at Berwick Academy and displays in many ways the community of excellence that Berwick fosters.

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Berwick Academy is Maine's oldest, independent Pre-K through Post Graduate private school. Our community is dynamic, offering challenging academics, competitive athletics, and creative arts programs. Members of the community operate within a context of caring and respect as we pursue our quest for "useful knowledge" as "one school with three divisions." Students and faculty are encouraged to expand their horizons by balancing academics with athletic, dramatic, and musical options.