Student Tour Guide Testimonies

Tess '18

What activities are you involved with at Berwick?

I am a member of SWAT, the Student-Wellness Advising Team. I am also the captain of the Girl's Varsity Soccer team and play JV Ice Hockey. I am a peer tutor and in the Outreach club.

What is something that makes Berwick unique?

Berwick is unique because of the range of interests throughout our community where each member is able to pursue their passions.

Why did you chose to come to (or stay at) Berwick?

Berwick has been my second home since the age of 5, and continuing to stay has only made a positive impact on me. It has brought me countless opportunities and has shaped me into the person I am today.

Why do you like being a tour guide?

I enjoy being a tour guide because it gives me the chance to introduce new students to the community that has given me so much.

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Berwick Academy is Maine's oldest, independent Pre-K through Post Graduate private school. Our community is dynamic, offering challenging academics, competitive athletics, and creative arts programs. Members of the community operate within a context of caring and respect as we pursue our quest for "useful knowledge" as "one school with three divisions." Students and faculty are encouraged to expand their horizons by balancing academics with athletic, dramatic, and musical options.