Meghan Kenter

First Grade Teacher
Teacher Profile:
I received my graduate degree in elementary education from the University of New Hampshire. During my master's program, I spent an internship year teaching in a first grade classroom while researching literacy instruction at the primary level. After graduating, I moved to Kittery and began working as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at a nature preschool program which adopted the Waldorf and Montessori philosophies to create full and comforting academic and social experiences for preschool students. I went on to learn as a Teaching Assistant at Shore Country Day school. There, I was able to shape my philosophies about early childhood education and enjoy teaching students of many different ages. I am very happy that I found my way to Berwick Academy's Lower School in 2015. I love working with my BA colleagues all across campus. Most of all, I love spending my days in our first grade classroom! During my free time, I enjoy exploring the outdoors around my home in South Berwick. My family and I love finding walking trails with our dog, Tela, eating at local restaurants, and gardening in our backyard. I am so fortunate to live and teach on the seacoast!

Why do you love teaching your specific age?
I love everything about elementary education! In First Grade, my students are so excited to learn, play, and explore. The spirit of a First Grader is contagious. I enjoy watching how much my students grow over the course of the school year. They grow as readers, writers, mathematicians, scientist, and best of all...they grow as friends.

What defines a great teacher?
A great teacher is someone who is thoughtful, creative, passionate, observant, a good listener, and dedicated to learning what makes each one of their students special.

What is your favorite lesson to teach?
I have really enjoyed teaching science and experiencing the outdoors with my students. Nature education is very important and we have so many resources right at our fingertips! I also love our Morning Meeting times. It is a special moment during our day when each student’s voice is heard and appreciated.

What is your classroom motto?
“Practice makes progress!”

Describe your classroom in five words:
My classroom is creative, fun, filled with spirit, loving, and a safe space for each one of my students to be themselves!
What is your favorite thing about teaching in the Berwick Lower School?
I love Berwick Academy’s Lowers School for so many reasons! It is a unique place where I feel like I can grow as an educator and learner. My colleagues motivate me to think outside of the box and foster a safe place for me to share my ideas. The students and their families are kind and fun. The Lower School is a very special community. It is my home away from home!
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