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Berwick is committed to offering authentic travel experiences that are connected to curriculum, service learning, or extra-curricular initiatives.

The increasing interconnectedness of our world is a reality. Political, economic, social, and environmental systems no longer exist in isolation and as a result cultural competency is a 21st century skill of incredible value. A global education at Berwick develops the knowledge, skills, and empathy required to understand a myriad of perspectives and to flourish in the most diverse and cosmopolitan of communities.

The relative lack of diversity in the Seacoast makes it challenging for Berwick students to be exposed to varied cultures. Our curriculum addresses this challenge by not only focusing on expanding students’ global knowledge in a classroom setting, but also incorporating a travel component to domestic and international destinations. This two-pronged approach enables students to truly understand and appreciate other cultures through immersion and hands-on learning; additionally, these travel experiences give students greater knowledge of the world and are formative moments that shape their beliefs as global citizens.

Financial Aid Assistance
Berwick Academy is committed to making travel experiences available to all Upper School students.  Families who receive need-based tuition assistance from Berwick are able to apply for Supplemental Financial Aid (SFA) relative to the percentage of assistance that they receive for tuition, but it is capped at 50% of the cost of the trip.
2018-2019 Travel Opportunities Coming Soon!

2017-2018 Travel Opportunities
UK – Boys Soccer
China – Upper School
White Mountains – Upper School
West Virginia – Upper School

2016-2017 Travel Opportunities
Sint Maarten – Upper School
Italy – Upper School
White Mountains – Upper School
Taktse – Upper School
Spain – Middle School

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“A Global Education at BA develops the knowledge, skills, and empathy required to understand multiple perspectives and to thrive in our connected world systems.”

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