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After School Programs

Spring Trimester

Spring After School Programs Registration Opens Wednesday, February 7

There is tons of fun coming as part of Spring on the Hilltop! Check out the lineup of programs being held both on and off campus, kicking off at the end of March! STEAM, Arts, Enrichment, and Sports & Recreation programs are all available. We’re also offering a special day off program for our Lower School students on Friday, April 5!

After school programs are exclusively open to Berwick Academy families. Grab your spots in a wide array of programming for Lower and Middle School divisions. Find the Spring on the Hilltop brochure here.  

Families will be asked to create an account on CampBrain or log into their current account. Payments in CampBrain can only be completed with a credit card. If you would prefer to pay by cash or check, or to inquire about payment plans or financial assistance, please reach out to Margot Harrington, Director of Auxiliary Programs, at margot.harrington@berwickacademy.org for more information.

Spaces are limited so please sign up early! If a program is full, sign up for the waitlist at no cost. Online registration will close a week prior to each program starting!

If you have signed up for the four or five-day Aftercare plan for your child, you can still sign up for Winter on the Hilltop programs! Simply register for your program(s) on CampBrain and then notify Margot Harrington, Director of Auxiliary Programs so we can apply a credit to your school account based on the number of days your child has after school activities.

If you have additional questions, please contact Margot Harrington at 207.384.6199 or margot.harrington@berwickacademy.org

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  • Policies

    Please pay by credit card. If circumstances require you to pay by other means, please contact Margot Harrington, Director of Auxiliary Programs, at 207-384-6199 or margot.harrington@berwickacademy.org.
    With email notification to the Director of Auxiliary Programs, Margot Harrington at margot.harrington@berwickacademy.org, families may withdraw a participant from an enrichment program under the following scenarios:
    *Cancellations more than two weeks before the start of each program: You will receive a refund/credit less 25% of the program fee. You can use a credit to sign up for other programs during the season or keep it on your account for future seasonal programming.
    *Cancellations two weeks or less before the start of each program: There will be no refunds/credits offered.
    No refund or reduction in fees is possible for a child who arrives late, leaves early, or attends only part of a program because of illness, other than a hospital stay.
    Berwick Academy reserves the right to cancel any program due to under-enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. Participants will be given the choice of selecting another program or receiving a full refund of paid fees.
    In the event that Berwick Academy enrichment programs are not able to operate due to state regulatory requirements in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, fees will be prorated and refunded.
    After Care Schedule Paired with Auxiliary Programs
    If you have signed up for the four or five-day After Care plan for your child and would also like to sign up for auxiliary programs on the same day your child would be attending After Care, please sign up for the auxiliary programs on CampBrain. Once registered, please notify Margot Harrington, Director of Auxiliary Programs so we can apply a credit to your school account based on the number of days your child has auxiliary programs that overlap with their After Care plan.
    When your first-choice programs are not available, a waitlist is available for each program with no fee to sign up. Participants are accepted from the waitlist based on open space and will be notified by telephone and/or email if and when space becomes available. We cannot guarantee any movement from the waitlist, and families enter the waitlist at their discretion.

    Late Registration
    Online registration will close at 3 p.m. one week prior to each program starting. If you would like to register after that time, you must contact Margot Harrington, Director of Auxiliary Programs, at 207-384-6199 or margot.harrington@berwickacademy.org. Registration is not complete until the Director has confirmed this with you. Your child may not show up on the first day of the program and plan to stay and participate unless they are registered.
    Financial Assistance
    Payment plans and limited financial assistance are available upon request. Please reach out to Margot Harrington, Director of Auxiliary Programs at 207-384-6199 or margot.harrington@berwickacademy.org for more information.
    Inclement Weather Policy
    We do our best to remain open and follow an indoor schedule on rainy/snowy days. In the event that campus must close at dismissal, we will notify you as soon as possible to make other arrangements for pick up at the time of dismissal. We will notify you if make-up days can be arranged.


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  • Thank you, With Gratitude! | Wednesdays | April 24-May 15 | K-Grade 2

    WednesdaysApril 24-May 153:15-5 p.m.K-Grades 2Mia Snow$200

    As the school year comes to an end, we would like to look back and give thanks and gratitude to all who deserve it. Participants will work together to practice gratitude, and create different thank-you gifts for people in their lives. Together students will learn the difference between giving thanks, and gratitude, as well as the importance of both in everyday life!
  • Crazy Cool Customization | Mondays | March 25-May 13 (skip April 15, 22) | Grades 4-8

    MondaysMarch 25-May 13 (skip April 15, 22)3:15-5 p.m.Grades 4-8The Craft Barn$225

    Participants will be introduced to many methods of “customization” during this program. Customization projects may include products like baskets, tote bags, and keychains. Students may make upcycled notebooks and learn how to bind them, use plastic to make personalized bookmarks, and learn to use a Cricut machine and heat press to create custom vinyl designs on clothing and accessories.


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  • Solve a Mystery, Detective! | Wednesdays | March 27-April 17 | K-Grade 2

    WednesdaysMarch 27-April 173:15-5 p.m.K-Grade 2Mia Snow$150

    Put on your detective hat, and work together as a team to solve a new mystery each week!
  • CSI South Berwick | Tuesdays | March 26-May 14 (two sessions) | Grades 3-8

    Session 1TuesdaysMarch 26-April 16 (skip April 9)3:15-5 p.m.Grades 3-5South Berwick Police$175
    Session 2TuesdayApril 30-May 143:15-5 p.m.Grades 6-8South Berwick Police$175

    Have you always wanted to become a detective? Now is your chance! This program offers hands-on experience with everything from fingerprinting to assessing the crime scene. Bring your sharp mind, intuition, and keen observation skills. This program will use a Berwick Academy vehicle to get students to and from the South Berwick Police Station.
  • Give Back Berwick! | Tuesdays | April 30-May 14 | Grades 3-5

    TuesdaysApril 30-May 143:15-5 p.m.Grades 3-5Mia Snow$100

    This program will introduce participants to volunteerism and the importance of giving back to your community. Local organizations will visit to present what they do for the community and the young philanthropists will work together to tackle group projects. This program will include guests from Great Works Regional Land Trust and Project Linus.
  • Let's Solve Challenges | Wednesdays | April 3-May 8 | Grades 3-5

    WednesdaysApril 3-May 83:15-5 p.m.Grades 3-5Sages Entertainment$475

    In today’s world, finding innovative solutions to unique problems is a lifelong practice and skill. People who utilize creative problem-solving go on to become scientists, inventors, business owners, legislators, and artists. In this program, students will be taught interactive, hands-on lessons by passionate problem solvers and learn how to look at a problem from different perspectives and work together to find creative solutions.
  • Make Your Own Cornhole Set | Tuesdays | March 26-April 16 (skip April 9) | Grades 5-8

    TuesdaysMarch 26-April 16 (skip April 9)3:15-5 p.m.Grades 5-8John Ibsen$275

    Get ready for the upcoming summer lawn-game season by building a personal cornhole set! Participants will have access to all the necessary materials and will assemble and customize their sets. 


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  • Amazing Animal Adaptations | Tuesdays | April 16-May 7 | K-Grade 2

    TuesdaysApril 16-May 73:15-5 p.m.K-Grade 2Center for Wildlife Staff$225

    Join the Center for Wildlife for this multi-week after school program where ambassador animals and nature-based activities will help participants learn more about the amazing adaptations of the different wildlife species in our area.
  • Soapy Science: Bubbles! | Tuesday | May 14 | K-Grade 2

    TuesdayMay 143:15-5 p.m.K-Grade 2Sages Entertainment$75

    Sages Entertainment invites you to explore the science of bubbles while pushing their limits! Square bubbles, bubble chains, bubbles you can stand in, and even bubbles as big as a car. We have all the knowledge and professional bubble tools that are sure to bring the WOW!
  • STEAM Surprise! | Tuesday | April 2 | K-Grade 2

    TuesdayApril 23:15-5 p.m.K-Grade 2Sages Entertainment$75

    Embark on a day of discovery with Sages Entertainment as we delve into the fascinating realms of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Engage in hands-on activities like meeting robots, launching rockets, coding animations, and exploring the wonders of art and science.
  • It’s Magic-Magic Explorers! | Thursdays | March 28-May 16 (two sessions) | K-Grade 3

    Session 1ThursdaysMarch 28-April 183:15-5 p.m.K-Grade 3Sages Entertainment$300
    Session 2ThursdaysApril 25-May 163:15-5 p.m.K-Grade 3Sages Entertainment$300

    This is a one-of-a-kind program developed to help kids have fun, make friends, feel special, and learn cool things about themselves and the world around them. Our creatively designed Magic Adventure Packs (MAPs) are an awesome mixture of magic and arts and crafts that emphasize social-emotional learning and help kids learn the importance of caring for one another! The magic makes the fun happen and the fun makes learning easy! (Sessions 1 and 2 contain different activities.)

Sports & Recreation

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  • Spring, Sprang, Sprung! Spring Movement | Mondays | March 25-April 8 | K-Grade 2

    MondaysMarch 25-April 83:15-5 p.m.K-Grade 2Mia Snow$185

    Join us for spring-themed movement, activities, and games. From making our own hopscotch to taking a nature walk in the outdoor classroom, this program will be sure to get participants in the spring spirit!
  • Whishmaker Riding Club | Mondays | March 25-May 13 (skip April 15, 22) | Grades 2-5

    MondaysMarch 25-May 13 (skip April 15, 22)3:15-5 p.m.Grades 2-5Whishmaker Stables Staff$650

    This program is designed to introduce the sport of horseback riding. Basic horse care, grooming and tacking, horses dietary needs, as well as the basics of riding will be taught over the course of the program. Participants will have access to a minimum of three riding lessons over the six-week program, but they do not have to ride if they are not interested This program will use a Berwick Academy vehicle to get students to and from the Whishmaker Stable.
  • Strong Girls | Mondays | March 25-May 6 (skip April 15, 22) | Grades 3-5

    MondaysMarch 25-May 6 (skip April 15, 223:15-5 p.m.Grades 3-5Strong Girls United Foundation$175

    Members of the Berwick Academy Upper School have collaborated with the nonprofit organization, SG United Foundation, to offer a Strong Girls after school program. The nonprofit organization has a mission to empower girls to be strong, confident, and resilient through sport and physical activity combined with mental skills and well-being activities. Upper School female student-athlete leaders will serve as the coaches for this program. The program will focus on the three pillars of SG United: Strong Bodies (physical activity and sport), Kind Hearts (teamwork and social connection), and Unstoppable Minds (mental skills training). Activities each week will include mindfulness, fitness, exposure to a different sport each week in a fun and noncompetitive way, crafts, and journaling. Mental skills themes covered include gratitude, growth mindset, kindness, confidence, failure, and goal setting. Each participant will receive the book, A Strong Girls’ Guide to Being, written by the nonprofit founder Lani Silversides. Participants will also receive team gear, stickers, bracelets, and more. Join us for this fun and empowering program!
  • Intro to Golf | Thursdays | April 18-May 16 (May 23 make up if nec.) | Grades 4-8

    ThursdaysApril 18-May 16*3:15-5 p.m.Grades 4-8Mike Corriveau and the Links staff$350
    *May 23 make up, if necessary

    This program is designed to introduce beginners to the sport of golf, while giving more advanced athletes an opportunity to strengthen basic fundamentals and course etiquette. Highlights include: grip, aim, stance, chipping, putting, range work with woods, and some course play. Outlook will provide all equipment for participants from certified USGTF and WGTF teaching professional Michael Corriveau. This program will use a Berwick Academy vehicle to get students to and from the golf course.

Day Off

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  • Intro to Wildlife Rescue at the Center for Wildlife | Friday | April 5 | K-Grade 4 (two sessions)

    Session 1FridayApril 59 a.m.-3 p.m.K-Grade 1Center for Wildlife Staff$130
    Session 2FridayApril 59 a.m.-3 p.m.Grades 2-4Center for Wildlife Staff$130

    Join The Center for Wildlife for a day of learning about how orphaned baby mammals are cared for until they are old enough to take care of themselves. Budding naturalists will also learn more about what they can do to care for the wild baby animals that are born around their homes.

Berwick Academy

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