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After School Programs

Winter Trimester

Winter After School Programs, Holiday Gift Making Classes, and Saturday/December/March Virtual Programs/Camps

Extend your child(ren)’s school day with an array of after school enrichment opportunities as part of Winter on the Hilltop!

We are excited to offer our winter after school programs (exclusively offered to Berwick Academy families) as well as virtual programming on Saturdays and during December and March breaks (open to all). Find the winter program information here.

In addition to our multi-week after school programs, there are gift making opportunities leading up to winter break for Lower, Middle, and Upper School students.

Families will be asked to log in to or create their account on CampBrain. Payments in CampBrain can only be completed with a credit card. If you would prefer to pay by cash or check, or to inquire about payment plans or financial assistance, please reach out to Margot Harrington, Director of Auxiliary Programs at margot.harrington@berwickacademy.org. If a program is full, sign up for the waitlist at no cost.

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  • Policies and Procedures

    Please pay by credit card. If circumstances require you to pay by other means, please contact Margot Harrington, Director of Auxiliary Programs, at 207-384-6199 or margot.harrington@berwickacademy.org.
    With email notification to the Director of Auxiliary Programs, Margot Harrington at margot.harrington@berwickacademy.org, families may withdraw a participant from an auxiliary program under the following scenarios: 
     *Cancellations more than two weeks before the start of each program: You will receive a refund less 25% of the program fee. 
     *Cancellations two weeks or less before the start of each program: There will be no refunds offered.
    No refund or reduction in fees is possible for a child who arrives late, leaves early, or attends only part of a program because of illness, other than a hospital stay.
    Berwick Academy reserves the right to cancel any program due to under enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. Participants will be given the choice of selecting another program or receiving a full refund of paid fees.
    Aftercare Schedule Paired with Auxiliary Programs
    If you have signed up for the three or five day Aftercare plan for your child and would also like to sign up for auxiliary programs on the same day your child would be attending Aftercare, please sign up for the auxiliary programs on CampBrain.  Once registered, please notify Margot Harrington, Director of Auxiliary Programs so we can apply a credit to your school account based on the number of days your child has auxiliary programs that overlap with their Aftercare plan.

    When your first-choice programs are not available, a waitlist is available for each program with no fee to sign up.  Participants are accepted from the waitlist based on open space and will be notified by telephone and/or email if and when space becomes available. We cannot guarantee any movement from the waitlist, and families enter the waitlist at their discretion. 

    Late Registration
    Online registration will close at 3 p.m. one week prior to each program starting.  If you would like to register after that time, you must contact Margot Harrington, Director of Auxiliary Programs, at 207-384-6199 or margot.harrington@berwickacademy.org. Registration is not complete until the Director has confirmed this with you. Your child may not show up on the first day of the program and plan to stay and participate unless they are registered.

    Financial Assistance
    Payment plans and limited financial assistance are available upon request.  Please reach out to Margot Harrington, Director of Auxiliary Programs at 207-384-6199 or margot.harrington@berwickacademy.org for more information.

    Inclement Weather Policy
    We do our best to remain open and follow an indoor schedule on rainy/snowy days. In the event that campus must close at dismissal, we will notify you as soon as possible to make other arrangements for pick up at the time of dismissal.  We will notify you if make-up days can be arranged.


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  • Typing Time | Mondays | Jan. 9-Feb. 27 (Skip Jan. 16 & Feb. 20) | Grades 2-4

    Instructor: SPARK Business Academy
    Grades 2-4 • Mondays, Jan. 9-Feb. 27 (skip Jan. 16 & Feb. 20) • 3:15-5 p.m. • $315

    Work smarter by learning how to type! As school work becomes increasingly performed in computers, today’s busy students can save time by learning to type effectively. Finish your homework in half the time. Students use a personalized system that allows them to progress at their own pace with a mix of typing lessons, drills, games and tests. Instant accuracy feedback after every lesson. Move from beginner to intermediate to advanced and earn badges for every level conquered! Computers are provided.
  • Investing Fund-Amentals | Thursdays | Jan. 12-Feb. 23 | Grades 5-8

    Instructor: SPARK Business Academy
    Grades 5-8 • Thursdays, Jan. 12-Feb. 23 • 3:15-5 p.m. • $365

    Learn investing fundamentals and how you can start investing at a young age! Build your own $100,000 stock portfolio and trade stock like Apple, Nike or Amazon with a cool investing simulation tool. This hands-on experience empowers students with the tools and mindset to face future investment decisions with confidence and buy low, sell high! A solid foundation for successful future investors! 


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Winter Gift Making

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  • Upcycled Winter Decorations With Ms. Chiang | Thursdays | Dec. 1-15 | Grades 2+

    Instructor: Karen Chiang
    Grades 2+ • Thursdays, Dec. 1-15 • 3:15-5 p.m. • $130

    Put those recyclable materials to good use and create a masterpiece! As we head into the holiday season, here's your chance to design homemade gifts, such as ornaments/window hangings, a variety of basket styles and MORE! Get crafty, listen to music, hang out with friends and walk away with art for your friends and family! Participants should bring two magazines on the first day!
  • Winter Baking With Kate | Tuesdays and Wednesdays | Dec. 6-7, & 13-14 | Grades 1-5+

    Instructor: Kate Dolan
    SESSION 1: Grades 1-4 • Tuesday & Wednesday, Dec. 6-7 • 3:15-5 p.m. • $120
    SESSION 2: Grades 5+ • Tuesday & Wednesday, Dec. 13-14 • 3:15-5 p.m. • $120

    We will jump right into the kitchen in the Katz Learning Lab with some basic and more advanced tasks to create winter baked good favorites! Participants will learn basic food math skills too! The favorite part of this class will be making recipes that participants are going to taste and take home so they can recreate the experience for their friends, or for holiday gifts!
  • Snow Globes & Winter Ornaments | Wednesday | Dec. 14 | Kindergarten-Grade 4

    Instructor: Sages Entertainment
    Kindergarten-Grade 4 • Wednesday, Dec. 14 • 3:15-5 p.m. • $65

    Let’s make some winter wonders! Snow and cinnamon remind us of cozy gatherings, family memories, and delicious treats. Come on by and make your own personal snow globe to take home. After we make it snow we will mix and roll our very own scented winter ornaments. These handmade treasures are sure to be loved for years to come. 

Saturday Virtual Vacation Programs

Open to students outside Berwick Academy.

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  • Digital Robotics for Kids | Jan. 21-Feb. 4 | Grades 2-4

    Instructor: Fleming Camps
    Grades 2-4 • Saturdays, Jan. 21, 28, Feb. 4 • 9-11 a.m. • $210

    Collaborate, code, and create projects to take Minecraft to the extreme. Our instructors will share their expertise on world-design, commands, and programming using Minecraft Education's built-in code editor to help you build amazing creations. Use problem solving skills, command blocks, code-builder, and redstone circuitry to build complex, large-scale experiences, structures, and games in the world together. Participants will work alone or together and share their creations in a massive collarborative world. This program is designed for experienced Minecrafters that are ready to take their skills to the next level. Required Hardware/Software: Windows (8, 10, or 11), or Mac OS 10.13+, or Chromebook, headphones, microphone (optional), Minecraft EDU. 
  • Roblox: Obbys and Adventures | Jan. 28-Feb. 4 | Grades 5-8

    Instructor: Fleming Camps
    Grades 5-8 • Sat., Jan. 21, 28, Feb. 4 • 10 a.m.-12 p.m. • $210

    This program is designed for participants who want to learn how to create their own game levels using Roblox, a gaming platform where participants can play and build game worlds. Produce your own immersive experiences, obbys, and platformer-style games. With Roblox as your engine, your game is only limited by your imagination. During the program, you will learn how to build 3D adventures, races, and obstacle courses. Required Hardware/ Software: Windows (8, 10, or 11), or Mac OS, headphones, microphone (optional), Roblox, Roblox Studio. 

March Virtual Vacation Camps

Open to students outside Berwick Academy.

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  • Digital Animation 4 Kids | Monday-Thursday | March 6-9 | Grades 2-4

    Instructor: Fleming Camps
    Grades 2-4 • Monday-Thursday, March 6-9 • 9 a.m.-12 p.m. • $275

    Put your art skills and creativity into motion as you learn about digital arts and the techniques used to animate your own creations. Our instructors will share real life experience and skills to breathe life into your own unique creations. This program serves as an introduction to animation and storytelling techniques. No prior experience is necessary. All skill levels are welcome. Required Hardware/Software: iPad, headphones, microphone (optional), FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation app. 
  • Science of Minecraft: Chemistry and Physics | Monday-Thursday | March 6-9 | Grades 5-8

    Instructor: Fleming Camps
    Grades 5-8 • Monday-Thursday March 6-9 • 1-4 p.m. • $275

    Do you have a curiosity about science, chemistry, and physics? This program was created to teach participants about these exciting STEM topics using Minecraft as the laboratory to design, craft, and test experiments through virtual simulations. In our physics lessons, participants will learn about the science of kinetic and potential energy, speed, acceleration, and gravity. Our chemistry lessons will teach participants about atoms, molecules and elements. The chemistry labs will explore the periodic table and create tests to see how the chemicals react - participants will create compounds using molecules and focus on "reactions" by creating things like sparklers, glowsticks, and floating balloons. In this program participants work toward building the ultimate scientific laboratory in our virtual campground to build and test scientific concepts through science-themed builds. No prior experience is necessary! All skill levels are welcome. Required Hardware/Software: Windows (8, 10, or 11), or Mac OS, or Chromebook, or iPad with iOS10 or higher, headphones, microphone (optional), Minecraft EDU. 
  • My First Piggy Bank | Monday-Thursday | March 13-16 | Kindergarten-Grade 3

    Instructor: SPARK Business Academy
    Kindergarten-Grade 3 • Monday-Thursday, March 13-16 • 9-10:30 a.m. • $165

    Earn, save, spend, donate! Let’s learn about money! This innovative program provides a solid foundation on financial literacy for kids in a fun setting. Games and hands-on activities help students internalize key concepts (like money, budgeting, and saving) in an engaging and supportive environment fostering teamwork. Students use their arts & crafts skills to make their own piggy bank! Students should have the following materials on hand for the program: pencil, scissors, gluestick, markers, cardboard, small box. You will receive emailed handouts to print prior to the start of the program. 
  • Finance Fun! | Monday-Thursday | March 13-16 | Grades 4-8

    Instructor: SPARK Business Academy
    Grades 4-8 • Monday-Thursday, March 13-16 • 10 a.m.-12 p.m. • $225

    Learn how to manage money in this program promoting essential life skills! Set your financial goals, develop a budget from scratch, shop for a credit card, and calculate the monthly cost of your dream car. Students also learn about mortgages, FICO scores, taxes and the dangers of piling up debt. Through simulations and hands on activities, participants gain confidence to explore financial decisions they will have to make in the future.
  • Minecraft Missions 4 Kids | Monday-Thursday | March 13-16 | Grades 2-4

    Instructor: Fleming Camps
    Grades 2-4 • Monday-Thursday, March 13-16 • 9 a.m.-12 p.m. • $275

    Are you ready to join a team of pro-builders? Join our multiplayer servers to develop your construction, leadership and team skills to accomplish unique missions as part of a group. Use your imagination to collaborate with your fellow team members to design and build a large-scale Minecraft Mission; no two challenges are alike. Creativity, critical thinking, and communication will be your keys to success! This offering can be taken multiple times, each session is unique. Required Hardware/Software: Windows (8, 10, or 11), or Mac OS, or Chromebook, or iPad with iOS10 or higher, headphones, microphone (optional), Minecraft EDU. 
  • Intro to Dungeons & Dragons: Roll 20 | Monday-Thursday | March 13-16 | Grades 5-8

    Instructor: Fleming Camps
    Grades 5-8 • Monday-Thursday, March 13-16 • 1-4 p.m. • $275

    Calling all Dungeon Masters and RPG fans! Participants will work with web-based software such as Roll20 to build and run their own complex adventures & role playing worlds with other players. Highlights include the use of a hands-on game design lab where you will design, customize, construct, and test your encounters & campaigns. This program is for participants who love playing RPG video games, D&D and want to learn how to create their own adventures. In this camp you will learn how to build RPGs with the end goal to provide you with tools to become a seasoned role-player, Dungeon Master (DM), and game designer. Required Hardware/ Software: Windows (8, 10, or 11), or Mac OS, or Chromebook, or iPad with iOS10 or higher, headphones, microphone (optional), Roll20.

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