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Kendall Barton '21

What is something that makes Berwick unique?
Something that makes Berwick unique is its students. Each student is obviously different in their own way, but we all connect very well with each other despite that. Because of every students' interests, hobbies, personality, etc. Berwick has a really unique student body.

What do you enjoy about being a tour guide?
I really enjoy being a tour guide because I love getting to share my experiences at Berwick with others. I love being able to shed light on the school, but I also love meeting new people!

What aspects of the structure at Berwick allow you to thrive as a student and community member?
At Berwick, I thrive as a community member through many things. Things like clubs, sports teams, and advisory allow me to connect with people. Things like peer tutoring, office hours and extra help with teachers help me thrive academically.

What are the top three things on your Berwick bucket list?
1. Go on the Junior Rafting Trip! 2. go to as many sports games as I can, 3. be a part of a game at assembly

Berwick Academy

Berwick Academy, situated on an 80-acre campus just over one hour north of Boston, serves 600 students, Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. Deeply committed to its mission of promoting virtue and useful knowledge, Berwick Academy empowers students to be creative and bold. Berwick strives to graduate alumni who shape their own learning, take risks, ask thoughtful questions, and come to understand and celebrate their authentic selves.