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Sophia Estes '20

What activities are you involved in at Berwick? Are there any activities you pursue off campus?
I have been involved in theater at Berwick (in both Musicals and Plays) since I was introduced to the theater program. I do the Fall Play and Winter Musical each year. In addition, I have been a part of the Berwick dance program through normal classes and Company throughout my time in the Upper School. One of my favorite things to do outside of theater though is to be a Peer Tutor. I have been a peer tutor in Geometry, Algebra (I and II) and Spanish 1-3 during the time that I have been in the Upper School, and I always look forward to sharing my knowledge with younger grades!

Outside of Berwick, I perform in shows during the summer at the Ogunquit Playhouse through their mainstage and children's theater. In July of the summer before my Junior and Senior years, I went to Oklahoma to attend Oklahoma City University's pre-college summer intensive music theater program. In recent winters, I have partnered with the Music Hall and the Ogunquit Playhouse to work as a "Child Wrangler," for their winter shows! I find so much joy in working with kids and watching their growth into strong, confident, hilarious performers.

What is something that makes Berwick unique?
The Pre-K through Grade12 environments are super unique to Berwick, and the connections between the divisions are amazing! As someone who grew up in the Lower and Middle divisions, having older kids to directly look up to and interact with has definitely helped shape who I have become. Through after-care programs, Big and Little Buddies, musicals, field days, and other all-school events, the bond between divisions is just awesome!

What do you enjoy about being a tour guide?
I love showing prospective families around my second home, and watching students' eyes light up at the mention of something that sparks their interest. Berwick has something for everybody, and I love finding that thing and expanding on something. I also love answering new questions, and love sharing the knowledge that I have accumulated over my years with new families!

What aspects of the structure at Berwick allow you to thrive as a student and community member?
The immense amount of support from faculty and other students allows me to thrive! Even when I am tired or stressed, I can always sit down and discuss either what is happening, or one of my passions for a little bit with one of the teachers, my advisor, or my friends. I have found success directly from the supportive environment and incredible conversations I have had with faculty members!

What are the top three things on your Berwick bucket list?
One of my bucket list items since freshman year is to perform an original song at either a coffeehouse or at Woofstock. Secondly, my goal for junior and senior year is to have a conversation with as many people in the Upper School as possible! The third is definitely to help organize an all-school event. Not sure what that's going to be yet, but I want to give back to the entire community in some way!


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