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Berwick Banter: Trivia Night Recap

The second meeting of Berwick Banter’s Trivia Night on February 17 was a big hit! A group of alums from classes spanning 30 years met to test their Berwick knowledge and general trivia aptitude. History teachers Lucy Pollard and Brad Fletcher took participants on a trip through the Hilltop in sections detailing Berwick History, the School Seal, Getting Lost in Fogg, and more.
Attendees broke into breakout groups to discuss the questions, and scores were tallied to find a winning team by the end of the night. Our winners are now the proud owners of some special Berwick gear. 

In addition to Berwick related questions, Brad and Lucy also tapped current faculty members for trivia questions that alums could answer if “you’d been paying attention in class.” Attendees were tasked with determining the log of 1000 from Charlene Hoyt’s math class (it’s 3, by the way), and “where and what is the only unarticulated bone in the human body?” from the Biology Department (the hyoid bone in the neck). 

We hope you’ll join us at our next Berwick Banter. Keep an eye on our calendar for more details. 

Have you brushed up on your Berwick Trivia lately? See if you can answer some of the questions below (answers at the bottom).
  1. What year was the School founded?

  2. Which Founding Father signed the founding charter? 

  3. When did the School first admit female students? 

  4. What are the two hands above the crest doing in the School Seal?

  5. What are the three Maine related natural symbols in the Seal?

  6. What year was Fogg built?

  7. What building was added to the campus, not by construction but by moving, in 1965?

  8. What was the first competitive team sport played at Berwick?

  9. In what year was the turf field installed?
  1. Who is Berwick’s most famous literary alumna? What is her most famous work?
  1. Name the last five Heads of School in order from the present. 

Answers: 1. 1791, 2. John Hancock, 3. 1828, four female students were admitted to the South Berwick Female Seminary at Berwick, 4. Passing the torch of knowledge, 5. Pine tree, mountain, and moose, 6. 1894, 7. 1791 House, 8. Baseball, 9. 2010, 10. Sarah Orne Jewett - Country of the Pointed Fir, 11. Hamilton, Schneider, Ridgway, Durnan, Holmes

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