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Berwick Academy Announces 16 Cum Laude Students for the Class of 2021

Annabelle Breton
Annabelle Breton of Wells, Maine, is the daughter of Ashley and Dan Breton, and has attended Berwick Academy since Grade 8. During her time at Berwick, Annabelle has received departmental awards for Visual Arts and English. She received an honorable mention for a painting in the Maine Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She was inducted into the National French Honors Society in Grade 10, the National Art Honors Society in Grade 11, and the Cum Laude Society in Grade 12. Outside of the classroom, Annabelle has been dancing since the age of three. At Berwick, she participated in Berwick’s Company Blue from Grade 9. She also spent many years at Brixham Danceworks, achieving the highest class level for each style. During the winter seasons, Annabelle was a member of the Wells Winterguard A Team, which gave her the opportunity to march for three years as a dancer for the Macy’s Great American Marching Band in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For her Grade 12 Project Week, Annabelle painted a large mural to be installed in the Jeppeson Math and Science Building that will intertwine her interests in the arts and sciences. Annabelle will be attending Connecticut College in the fall. She plans to major in Chemistry and to partake in their dance programs.
Megan Case
Megan Case, daughter of Heather and James Case, lives in Durham, New Hampshire. She began attending Berwick Academy in fifth grade. As a ninth grader, Megan received a History Department Recognition Award, and in Grade 10 was inducted into the National Spanish Honors Society. She was awarded the Berwick Academy Chemistry Medal and the Johns Hopkins Book Award in Grade 11, and was inducted into the Cum Laude Society. Megan was inducted into the National Arts Honor Society this spring. Megan played tennis all four years in the Upper School and earned the Coach’s Award in Grade 10. She also dedicated her time to the theater productions in the fall and winter, helping with props and sets in Grade 11 and 12. Megan completed two Innovation Pursuits throughout her time in the Upper School, and was a co-leader of Book Club. For her Grade 12 Project Week, Megan explored different ceramics techniques through the creation of teapots. This fall, Megan will be attending Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, and intends to study Biology.
Naomi Clark
Naomi Clark, daughter of Peter and Brenda Clark, lives in Topsfield, Massachusetts. She came to Berwick Academy in ninth grade and received a Language Department Recognition Award in Mandarin that fall. In her first year, she scored a perfect mark on the Youth Chinese Test (YCT), a national Chinese language exam. As a tenth-grader, she was inducted into the Chinese Honor Society and achieved near perfect marks on the next level of YCT, making her the second highest scorer in her region. That same year, she also joined Berwick Academy’s newly founded Girl’s Volleyball team, where she won the Coach Award. As an eleventh-grader, she joined the Girl’s Varsity Volleyball program and was elected as one of the three varsity captains. In Grade 12, Naomi was inducted into the Cum Laude Society. Throughout her time at Berwick, Naomi was a part of the Chinese Culture Club and Outreach Club, and dabbled in other sports such as lacrosse and field hockey. Next year, Naomi will be going to the University of Vermont’s Honor College and majoring in Biology on the Pre-Med track.
Leila El-Badry
Leila El-Badry is the daughter of Dr. Morry El-Badry and Mrs. Nina El-Badry from Kittery, Maine. This fall, she will be attending Washington University in St. Louis as undeclared, interested in STEM or law. Leila started at Berwick in the ninth grade, and during her four years, has enjoyed being the captain of the JV Volleyball team and co-club leader of Dancers Without Borders. Outside of school, she excels in dancing and teaching salsa. During her tenth grade year, she received the History Department Recognition Award, and during her eleventh grade year, she was inducted into the National Latin Honors Society and received the Yale Book Award. Leila completed three Innovation Pursuits focusing on short term memory, the cultural impact of the Berlin Wall, and CBT in middle schoolers. For her Grade 12 Project Week, she worked with Anna Foster, Owen Richardson, and Alayna Morena to find creative ways to exercise while being conscious of COVID-19 health protocols.
Cormac Feeley
Cormac Feeley, the son of Ryan and Christine Feeley, of Berwick, Maine will be attending Skidmore College next year. He is interested in studying biology. He came to Berwick in Grade 5. He is a member of the International Thespian Society and the National Spanish Honors Society. Additionally he has performed in eight theater productions at Berwick. He received two Most Improved Rower Awards on the Berwick Crew Team. While at Berwick, Cormac served on the Student Leadership Council from Grade 10 to 12. For his Grade 12 Project he and his friends cast gaming dice and made dice boxes and other supplies for Dungeons and Dragons.
Camille Gaudet
Camille Gaudet lives with her parents George and Gina Gaudet in Amesbury, Massachusetts, and has been attending Berwick Academy since Kindergarten. Since Lower School, she has been performing in musical theater productions across the Seacoast, particularly at the Ogunquit Playhouse. In Berwick’s Upper School, Camille was a prominent participant in the theater department; her favorite role being Wednesday Addams in “The Addams Family” last winter. She also was an active member of the School’s Chamber Chorus. In Grade 11, Camille was inducted into the International Thespian Society, and she was recently inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Her academic achievements include a Math Department Recognition Award, an induction into the National Spanish Honor Society, and her Cum Laude induction this year. During her time at Berwick, Camille maintained a public role, serving as Class President in Grade 9, Class Secretary in Grade 10, and Class Representative in Grade 11 on the Student Leadership Council. This past year, she was elected to be a Student Leadership Council Head with fellow Cum Laude inductee, Cormac Feeley. On top of this, she was elected to serve on the school’s Honor Committee in Grade 11. She also enjoyed being a campus tour guide throughout her Upper School career. Outside of school, Camille likes to spend time participating in beach clean-ups with her family. For her Grade 12 Project Week, Camille decided to unite her love for the sciences and skincare by designing her line of environmentally-friendly lip balms and packaging. This coming fall, she looks forward to attending Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she plans to major in chemistry with a pre-medical track. 
Casey Houlahan
Casey Houlahan, daughter of Sean and Meghan Houlahan of Dover, New Hampshire, will attend Boston College in the fall. She intends to study biology on the pre-med track. Casey entered Berwick in sixth grade and took part in many leadership positions on Berwick's campus, including being a part of the Student Wellness Advisory Team, a leader of the Yearbook Club, a head tour guide, and elected as a student Prefect in Grade 12. She won a History Department Award and the Berwick Academy Blue & White Award. She became a member of the National Latin Honors Society, National Honors Society of Dance Arts, and most recently, inducted into the Cum Laude Society. Casey has played lacrosse from the age of five for a variety of teams, including Houlagan Lacrosse club team and Berwick’s Varsity Lacrosse team, of which she has been a 4-year member and a senior captain. 

Additionally, she also played field hockey for Berwick for 5 years, was a Grade 12 captain and MVP award recipient, and received All-League First Team in Grade 10. Casey has been dancing since the age of two, studying ballet, jazz, hip hop, aerial, and contemporary dance. She joined New England Dance Project Dance Company at the age of 12 and has taught dance to young children and special needs students at Belletete Ballet Studio since 2016. For her Grade 12 Project Week, Casey hiked and kayaked locally with a friend as they developed their photography and video making skills.
Olivia Kallay
Olivia Kallay, of Kittery, Maine, daughter of Scott and Diane Kallay, has attended Berwick Academy since seventh grade and will be attending Vassar College in the fall. Olivia plans to take many STEM courses and possibly major in mathematics. During her time in the Upper School Olivia earned the Dartmouth Book Award, as well as a Chemistry Department Recognition Award, and was a candidate in the U.S. Presidential Scholars program. She was inducted into the Spanish National Honor Society in Grade 10. Olivia participated in Girls Varsity Cross Country, Girls JV Ice Hockey, and Girls Tennis (moving up from JV to varsity in Grade 10) all four years in the Upper School. She was one of three captains of the JV Hockey team this season. In tenth grade, Olivia completed an Innovation Pursuit with classmate Leila El-Badry studying the short and long term memory of Berwick students. At Berwick Olivia is a Peer Tutor, a leader of the Yearbook Club, and a Student Wellness Advisory Team member. Beyond the Hilltop, Olivia has volunteered at York Hospital since middle school, working with the dining staff to deliver meals to patients as well as working in the medical office building. She also has worked as a cashier at a local candy store since the winter of tenth grade. For her Grade 12 Project Week, Olivia knitted different clothing articles with hopes to donate to a local shelter. Olivia is grateful for her six years at Berwick and hopes to stay connected with the community for years to come.
Sarah Lummus
Sarah Lummus, the daughter of Ms. Deirdre Shea and Mr. Jonathan Lummus, has attended Berwick Academy since the fifth grade. Sarah has played the cello and viola in Berwick’s String Ensemble and was accepted into Maine’s All-State Orchestra as a violinist. She also worked as a set crew member, stage manager, and pit orchestra member in Berwick’s Upper School productions and swam competitively for Portsmouth Swim Team and as the captain of Berwick’s Swim team. She received the Cogswell Award as her grade’s top scholar in Grades 11 and 12. Next year, Sarah plans to enroll in Americorps, where she can engage in public service before attending college the following year. She resides in Dover, New Hampshire. 
Lisa Parker Feld
Lisa Parker Feld, daughter and stepdaughter of Karen Parker Feld, Peter Freeman, and Steven Parker Feld, entered Berwick in the third grade. Since then, she has been actively involved in the arts both on and off campus. She was inducted to the Tri-M National Music Honor Society and the International Thespian Society, and she has participated in seven Upper School productions. She has been in band at Berwick for eight years, and in Grade 11, she joined the Upper School Jazz Band. This year, she received a bronze medal in the District 1 solo festival for flute. Since tenth grade, Lisa has co-led the drama club and has cast, directed, and performed in three live and virtual showcases as a leader and performed in one as a member. She was inducted into the National Spanish Honor Society and has received two silver medals and one bronze on various National Spanish Exams. She has been a Berwick coffeehouse regular, where recently, she has been performing some of her musical parodies. Off campus, she is a member of the Seacoast Repertory Theatre’s Teen Rep Company, where for the past year, she has been honing her skills as an actor, singer, and dancer. She also takes voice lessons with Scott Richardson. For her Grade 12 Project, she wrote a short play under the guidance of local playwright Najee Brown. She plans to pursue a BFA in Comedic Arts at Emerson College this fall.
Penny Robinson
Penny Robinson is the daughter of Liz and Keith Robinson of York, Maine. This fall, she will be attending Brown University with a possible major in Biology or Biochemistry. In the years since Penny entered Berwick Academy in the third grade, she has participated in music and athletics in addition to academics. Penny has taken private piano lessons since Middle School. She has participated in Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Swimming, and Varsity Crew throughout all four years in the Upper School. She has earned two awards for her efforts on the Cross Country team and also earned an award for Swimming. Penny earned the Cogswell Award in ninth grade, a Chemistry Department Recognition Award in tenth grade, and the Kelliher Essay Contest and Brown Book Award in eleventh grade. Penny served as Cross Country team co-captain and co-editor of Berwick’s literary magazine during twelfth grade. For her Grade 12 Project, she explored outdoor locations in New England through poetry and artwork and compiled her work into a blog. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time outdoors.
Crosby Smith
Crosby Smith is the son of Ted Smith and lives in South Berwick, Maine. Crosby will be attending Middlebury College in the fall. Since entering Berwick in Pre-Kindergarten, Crosby has become a three sport varsity captain for the Soccer, Hockey, and Lacrosse teams. Crosby is a member of the Spanish and French National Honors Societies. His Grade 12 Project was spent comparing different brands of golf balls. 
Hannah Van Zandt Rollins
Hannah Van Zandt-Rollins is the daughter of Cynthia Van Zandt and Jim Rollins and lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She will be attending Princeton University in the fall and plans to study Mathematics. Hannah has been at Berwick since Kindergarten. She was inducted into the National Spanish Honors Society in the tenth grade and the Cum Laude Society in eleventh grade. In addition to earning the Cogswell Award in Grade 10, she was awarded the Math and English Department Recognition Awards during Grade 9 and 11. She also received the Harvard Book Prize in eleventh grade. Hannah has completed the STEAM Pathway, and has focused on math, science, and computer science courses throughout her time in the Berwick Upper School. She was a Peer Tutor, a member of Teens for STEAM, and a co-leader of the Alliance and Baking Clubs. 
Outside of the classroom, Hannah has continued to pursue her passion for all things STEAM. In ninth grade, she completed an Innovation Project focusing on the creation of an app to aid in the safe transportation of horses, a project that utilized Dijkstra’s algorithm. Throughout Grades 11 and 12, Hannah also participated in a cybersecurity competition and project involving programming, ethical hacking, and of course cybersecurity. Hannah ran on the Varsity Cross Country Team in eleventh and twelfth grade. She is also an avid horseback rider who has earned her United States Dressage Federation Bronze medal and regularly competes at regional competitions.
Hattie Wagner
Harriet “Hattie” Wagner, daughter of Jennifer and Todd Wagner, lives in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, and has attended Berwick Academy since sixth grade. During her time on the Hilltop, Hattie was presented with an English Department Award and was inducted into both the National Latin Honor Society and the Cum Laude Society. She was also a member of the Student Wellness Advisory Team, where she supported new students transitioning to Berwick. As a founding board member of Berwick’s Education for All Children chapter, Hattie increased awareness of global education inequalities and helped raise funds to finance one year of education for a Kenyan student. Hattie was also very involved with Berwick athletics and was a 12-season athlete. Her leadership and mentorship of younger players were recognized as she earned the Coach Award in lacrosse in eleventh grader and was named a captain of the Varsity Cross Country Team and the JV Lacrosse Team in twelfth grade. She was presented with two MVP awards in cross country and twice represented Berwick at the all-NEPSAC championship cross country race. For her Grade 12 Project, Hattie created a cookbook of recipes with a group of friends. Hattie will be attending Trinity College next year where she plans to pursue a Psychology degree on the Pre-Med track.
Amelia Whitcomb
Amelia Whitcomb, daughter of Mr. Patric Whitcomb and Ms. Gabrielle Burke, is from York, Maine. She came to Berwick in ninth grade and received a Physics Department Recognition Award that fall. The following year, she was inducted into the National French Honor Society. She participated in Varsity Basketball her first three years and was a team captain in tenth and eleventh grade. Additionally, Amelia started Berwick Academy’s Volleyball Team, serving as one of the program’s captains in tenth and eleventh grade and receiving recognition as an EIL All-League player and NEPSAC Honorable Mention, as well as the team’s MVP in eleventh grade. In addition to her induction into Cum Laude, she also received the Rensselaer Medal for Math and Science. While on the Hilltop, she led the clubs Teens for STEAM, Être, and Berwick Votes! She is also an avid Peer Tutor and worked with her classmate Mallika Saksena to expand Berwick’s student teaching assistant program this year. Next year, she will attend McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, with an intended major in Physics. 
Hannah Zaheer
Hannah Zaheer, daughter of Asim and Meara Zaheer, is from West Newbury, Massachusetts, and came to Berwick Academy in the ninth grade. In addition to her induction into the Cum Laude Society, Hannah is a member of the National Spanish Honor Society and the National Honor Society for Dance Arts. She also received a Physics Department Recognition Award in Grade 9. Throughout her time at Berwick, she has served as a Spanish peer tutor and was a part of the Thirst Project and Berwick Votes clubs. Outside of the classroom, Hannah has been a dedicated member of Berwick’s Dance Company Blue for the past four years, and also has enjoyed performing with New England Dance Project and Belletete Ballet. She completed an Innovation Pursuit in tenth grade in which she focused on the evolution of contemporary dance and choreographed a piece for Company Blue. Since then, she has performed multiple works of her own choreography in the form of both group pieces and solos, and for her Grade 12 Project, she taught dance classes to Berwick’s Lower and Middle School dancers. Next year, Hannah will be attending the University of Richmond, where she plans on majoring in Dance and Psychology.

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