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Blog: Accessible Tuition at Independent Schools in ME, NH, and MA

Jim Hamilton
Head of School, Berwick Academy | Board Member, Enrollment Management Association
"Through our Flexible Tuition program, my hope is that many more in the community envision Berwick Academy as an attainable investment for their families. "
Flexible Tuition at Berwick Academy
As the Head of School at Berwick Academy, affordable tuition in independent schools and in higher ed is of incredible importance to me. Personally, I would not have had the chance to attend the independent school that changed the course of my life if not for that school’s commitment to accessibility, which led me on a path of lifelong learning, inspiring professional opportunities, and meaningful interpersonal connections - all of which have been transformative. I strongly believe that it is our responsibility to make the Berwick experience available to students from all financial backgrounds, bringing together a broad range of perspectives, life experiences, and opportunities for students to forge profound community connections. Through our Flexible Tuition program - a holistic approach to the conversation around affording an independent school tuition -  my hope is that many more in the community envision Berwick Academy as an attainable investment for their families. 

Affordability: By the Numbers
When considering a Berwick education, many will engage with an admission process for the first time as families who are new to independent schools. Through the lens of Flexible Tuition, families interested in learning more about Berwick have access to a process and conversation that is personalized and transparent. Berwick families enrolled through Flexible Tuition contribute a range of tuition amounts to their students’ education, with a median Flexible Tuition of $23,000. Families who qualify for Flexible Tuition earn between $20,000-$250,000+ in yearly income, with an average income of $198,000. Over 40% of Berwick Academy families qualify for and enroll through Flexible Tuition, and over $4.6M in yearly resources are dedicated to families with a Flexible Tuition

Promoting Virtue and Useful Knowledge Since 1791
Given the rising cost of living in the Seacoast, and the socioeconomic diversity of families in our broad catchment areas of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and beyond, providing greater accessibility now and in the future is critical as we continue to support Berwick Academy’s mission of promoting virtue and useful knowledge among the rising generations. Our Pre-K through Grade 12 and Postgraduate students thrive in an environment that embraces an innovative curriculum, champions student-centered learning, nurtures community-building and moral character, focuses on wellness, and is committed to students’ access to rigor and support through average class sizes of 15. While our mission has remained relatively unchanged as we enter our 233rd year, Berwick Academy provides a learning experience that is project and place-based, collaborative, and profoundly interdisciplinary. Our Flexible Tuition program aims to enroll students and families who would benefit from a Berwick education and who would like to consider an option where students are central to their unique educational journeys. 

Learn More
I invite you to learn more about Berwick Academy and Flexible Tuition by contacting our Office of Admission at admissions@berwickacademy.org or 207.384.6300.

Jim Hamilton
Head of School
Berwick Academy


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