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Library, Jr. Techknow, InfoTech

How can I use library resources to find information?
How can I use technology tools to pursue my interests?
How can I use technology to enhance my pursuit of knowledge?
How can I use technology to communicate and share with others?
Skills and Enduring Understandings:
The Library and Technology curriculum is based on a stepping stone model with skills being taught, reinforced, and expanded through project-based learning at each grade level. Students use library resources and technology tools to promote creativity, while also using a variety of media and formats to communicate information and ideas effectively. Students engage in projects to increase their knowledge of literary genres, to understand the difference between fiction and nonfiction, and to effectively use library resources.  Students begin to learn how to be productive digital citizens, life-long learners, critical thinkers, skillful researchers, and enthusiastic readers.
Sample Unit or Activity by Grade:

Pre-Kindergarten ( Library-Art): In this weekly collaborative class, students enjoy a read-aloud and engage in a related, follow-up art project that promotes natural connections between language and artistic expression.

Kindergarten-Second Grade (Literature Appreciation): Students are exposed to a variety of literary genres through read-aloud and book discussions. Students learn about parts of a book and roles of author, illustrator, editor and publisher. Students develop an appreciation of all books and begin to recognize their own personal reading preferences. Students are introduced to our library homepage and how to navigate to find books and information.

Jr. TechKnow
Kindergarten-Second Grade (Online Tools):  Students are introduced to their online learning accounts for working at school and at home with personalized technology tools. “Wixie” enables students to create presentations, digital art, and video with online tools and to save their work to share at home and at school. “IXL” offers individualized math activities that allow for practice and exploration of new concepts. The “MyOn” digital e-book library offers students a wide range of electronic books to enjoy on any device. Students are excited to learn and use these online tools, which they will access throughout their Lower School experience.

Third Grade (Poetry QR Code): Students choose a poem from the library collection. Using their school iPads and MacBooks, they recreate their chosen poem in their online creativity app, Wixie, illustrating and recording their reading of the poem. A QR code is created to link to their work, which is published in a class book.

Fourth Grade (Explorers): Students engage in an iPad app to simulate the voyages and explorations of the Age of Exploration. Students do group research using books, online videos and library databases and enjoy a celebration of learning at the end of the unit.

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