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Middle School Science

In the Middle School, scientific pursuits inspire the process of discovery. Content is spiraling with physical, chemical, earth, and life science themes increasing in complexity across grade levels to reinforce previous learning and to promote the development of deeper understanding.  For example, principles of matter and energy are explored systematically across grade levels from measurement and classification in 5th grade, to transfer of energy in 6th, to forces of change in 7th, to density and solubility in 8th.  Particular emphasis is placed on designing learning experiences that encourage purposeful thinking and instill confidence in the process of solving a problem.  

Middle School Math

Math instruction includes both real-life problem solving as well as traditional instruction in computation, linear equations, and geometry. Seventh and eighth grade students are placed in classes that focus primarily on the sequence of skills in Algebra I. Acceleration is possible for students demonstrating excellent skills and knowledge.      

Middle School English

English classes explore a variety of genres, both in individual assignments as well as in books chosen to be read and discussed as a group. An emphasis on the understanding and the precise use of English grammar provides a foundation for the building of creative and expository writing skills. A poet in residence each spring provides students with a model for the writing habits and dispositions of a successful published writer of poetry. Many times during the school year, works of fiction are chosen to expand understanding of multicultural studies and historic topics.  

Middle School History and Social Studies

The history of a diverse and complex world is a common thread throughout the topics in history. A goal of the program is to encourage understanding and empathy for the social struggles within the United States and throughout the world along with appreciation for cultural differences.  

Serving Maine, The Seacoast of New Hampshire, and the North Shore of Massachusetts

Berwick Academy is Maine's oldest, independent Pre-K through Post Graduate private school. Our community is dynamic, offering challenging academics, competitive athletics, and creative arts programs. Members of the community operate within a context of caring and respect as we pursue our quest for "useful knowledge" as "one school with three divisions." Students and faculty are encouraged to expand their horizons by balancing academics with athletic, dramatic, and musical options.