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At Berwick, the physical education and athletic experience is something students take part in on a daily basis. Berwick Academy believes that athletics is an integral part of the total educational experience. Competent instructors and coaches, positive role models, and opportunities to advance skills and explore new sports stimulate our K-12 athletic program. With increased and new-found confidence and esteem, Berwick students develop sound minds, bodies, and attitudes.

Students at every level – from the youngest Lower School student to the varsity lacrosse captain – are consistently engaged in an athletic culture that everyone understands and supports. Berwick Academy’s athletic goal is to provide broad, advanced offerings that allow for exploration; and more importantly, for development of students’ full potential. Good physical well-being enhances classroom learning, relationships with peers, and the sense of fair play.

We honor the game; more importantly, Berwick recognizes the importance of maintaining high standards of conduct of every athlete, coach, and spectator.

List of 4 members.

  • Robert Quinn 

    Athletic Director
    207-384-2164 Ext 2800
  • Holly Bennett 

    Cert. Ath. Trainer,Teacher
    207-384-2164 Ext 2801
  • Marilena Canuto 

    LS Phys Ed, Girls' JV Soccer, Intramurals
    207-384-2164 Ext 2802
  • Travis Derr 

    Assistant Athletic Director
    207-384-2164 ext. 2803

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Berwick Academy is Maine's oldest, independent Pre-K through Post Graduate private school. Our community is dynamic, offering challenging academics, competitive athletics, and creative arts programs. Members of the community operate within a context of caring and respect as we pursue our quest for "useful knowledge" as "one school with three divisions." Students and faculty are encouraged to expand their horizons by balancing academics with athletic, dramatic, and musical options.