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Alumni Athletes in College

It is common for our athletes to go on to play college athletics beyond the Hilltop. Below is a list of our most recent graduates who are playing a collegiate sport. 

Tatiana Bradley ‘15 - Hamilton College (Field Hockey and Lacrosse)
Aimee Briand ‘15 - Castleton (Ice Hockey) Click here for an update on Aimee!
Tilly Burzynski ‘15 - Providence College (Ice Hockey)
Liam Darcy ‘15 - University of New Hampshire (Ice Hockey)
Izzy Eldridge '15 - Lynchburg College (Field Hockey)
Drew Hale ‘15 - St. Lawrence University (Lacrosse)
Lucas Linemayr '15 - Babson College (Golf)
Taylor Lyman ‘15 - Indiana University Purdue Fort Wayne (Softball)
Julia Mini ‘15 - Williams College (Rowing and Ice Hockey)
Izzy Reis ‘15 - Princeton University (Swimming)
Brennan Santaniello '15 - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Golf)
Connell Altschiller, ’14 - Goucher College (Swimming)
Gabby Boulavanh ’14 - Endicott College (Ice Hockey)
Liam Bristol, ’14 - Wesleyan University (Crew)
Dexter Doucet ’14 - University of New England (Soccer)
Sam Haines ’14 - Lafayette College (Swimming)
Jenna Hayden ’14 - Wheaton College (Swimming)
Jake Horne ’14 - Wheaton College (Swimming)
Melanie Mait ’14 - Bates College (Lacrosse)
Stephen Sherbahn, ’14 - Franklin and Marshall (Soccer)
Dominique St. Pierre, ’14 - Emmanuel College (Basketball)
Torieana St. Pierre, ’14- Emmanuel College (Basketball)
Gabby Wiggin ’14 - Endicott College (Ice Hockey)
Erik Wisniewski, ’14 - Wheaton College (Soccer)
Kaitlyn Wurzer, ’14 - St. Michael’s College (Ice Hockey/ Lacrosse)
Kelsey Hayden, ’13 - Connecticut College (Swimming)
Max Linemayr, ’13- Boston College (Golf)
Laura Noerdlinger, ’13 - Amherst College (Crew)
Alex Wood, ’13- Union College (Field Hockey)
Anna Wright, ’13 - Univ. of Maine Orno (Ice Hockey)
Shannon Farrell, ’12 - Trinity College (Ice Hockey) 
Harry Rafferty, ’12 - Wesleyan University (Basketball)
John Reinhardt ’12 - Denison University (Lacrosse) 

Olympic Champion Mike Eruzione '73

Olympic ice hockey legend and Berwick Academy alumnus Mike Eruzione ’73 skated for Coach Paul “Pop” Whalen before playing for Boston University, and then becoming captain of the legendary United States men’s national ice hockey team at the 1980 Winter Olympics. With Mike’s winning goal, the team beat the Russians and took home the gold medal. Their story was the subject of the 2004 movie “Miracle”. 
“Berwick Academy and Pop Whalen had a great deal to do with my success as a student and as an athlete and I’ve been able to achieve some incredible moments.” -  Mike Eruzione

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