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Interactive Sandbox

Housed in the Lower School science classroom, the Augmented Reality Sandbox (ARS) promotes the inherent sense of wonder within the Division. The interactive sandbox comes in the form of a wooden waist-high sandbox (cart) on wheels.  A framed structure housing a computer, a projector and a depth measure sensor is attached to the cart.  Based on students' manipulation of the sand height into varied landscape depths and elevations, different topographical lines and designs are projected onto the sand, including a water effect at the lowest of elevations and a volcano effect by digging an opening at the top of a sand mountain.  Imaginations will flourish as the interactive sandbox is used in science and social studies classes to promote multi-sensory learning, interactive social skills, and a natural connection to physical world awareness and innovative problem solving.
The ARS connects to our Curriculum 2020 initiative through student-directed, skills-based learning, and will be used for many purposes, including:

  •        Promoting discovery-oriented science classes in which students manipulate various land form and water cycle variables and study the outcomes.
  •        Supporting 3-dimensional study of the definitions of varied land forms.
  •        Problem-solving between two-dimensional topographical maps and the three-dimensional interactive sandbox.
  •        Sharing with the Middle and Upper School Divisions for advanced geological studies.
Jeff Gunn, Berwick Academy’s Maker-in-Residence, built the sandbox and cart with help from his friends at Port City Makerspace in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Jeff will be a fixture in our new Inspiration Commons, which opens at the end of this month, and can often be found in the Middle School Makerspace.
To read more about our Curriculum 2020 plan, please click here

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