Danielle Richardson

Teacher Profile:
My name is Danielle Richardson and I am originally from northern Maine, then settling for most of my childhood in Dedham, Maine.  I attended the University of Maine at Farmington and graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education, with a concentration in Language Arts. After obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree, I continued on to the University of Maine Orono where I received my Master’s Degree in Early Literacy in the spring of 2016. During that time, I was both a nursery school co-teacher, as well as a Pre-K head teacher the following year. Along with teaching in a classroom setting, I also have experience tutoring, coaching youth soccer, and nannying during the beautiful Maine summers! I am extremely excited to join the Berwick Academy community and look forward to working with Ally and all our students this year in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom!

Why do you love teaching Pre-Kindergarten?

I love teaching Pre-Kindergarten because for most children entering our classroom, it is their first school experience and I am truly honored to be there to guide them through this transition and watch as their social/emotional and academic development blossom. I love seeing their individual personalities and curiosities come to life, especially when a child finds something they are interested in and being there to enhance and further encourage them to always ask questions and explore their passions.

What defines a great teacher?

A great teacher has multiple tools in his or her “teacher toolbox” that they utilize on a daily basis. A great teacher observes their students to meet each individual at their specific social, emotional, and academic level. A great teacher takes the time at the beginning of each year to create a classroom environment that fully supports the sense of a community, where the children feel safe and valued as a member of said community to share their ideas. Lastly, a great teacher is one that shares their passion as a life long learner with their students.
What is your favorite lesson to teach?

In Pre-Kindergarten each day is so much more than a singular lesson we teach, so it is difficult for me to choose a favorite. One of my favorite parts of our day is the time we spend during our Morning Meeting greeting one another, checking in, and talking about our day ahead. I believe it sets a great tone for the day, and is especially important in creating a routine for our three and four year olds.
What is your teaching philosophy?

I believe that each child has unique strengths, varied prior learning experiences, and unique learning styles. I strive to differentiate my instruction to provide enough challenge and enough support for all children to build on success and develop positive attitudes about learning. I believe that emotional engagement is the key to meaningful learning. That is why I bring love, laughter, and passion into our pre-kindergarten classroom.

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