Hear what's happening in our Pre-Kindergarten!

Berwick Academy is incredibly fortunate to have an amazing group of faculty working with our students. In the Lower School, teachers communicate regularly with parents about what their children are experiencing in the classroom. Our Pre-K teachers recently sent out a parent update and here is what's in store for our very youngest students in the coming weeks:

It is amazing how the days seem to fly by. January was a quick burst, but was filled with many student accomplishments. Students have been focusing on writing their names during their daily sign-in job. Students have also emerged as authors and have even begun to create their own plays with the addition of the puppet theater and special script writing paper.

In the month of February we will integrate our Yayoi Kusama art study to create a gallery in our loft area inspired by her bright, eclectic, dot style. In addition we will begin to study, observe, and sort beautiful things, and appreciate the beauty that is everywhere! Please be on the lookout for further information in the following weeks surrounding our “Beautiful Stuff” project.

We will continue to practice foundational literacy and math skills in authentic and meaningful ways. Our Pre-K students are especially curious and excited about words and letters they encounter every day.  We are fostering their curiosity and love of literacy throughout the day, more explicitly during Morning Meeting and center time. With the addition of the puppet theater, we have also begun talking about the elements of storytelling and reading and discussing fairytales and different versions of lots of stories. With our Lower School Spring Production right around the corner, we will also introduce and discuss the similarities and differences of fairytales and folktales from around the world, giving more of an emphasis on India as that is our focus for the LS Production this year. Our math table, where students were invited to write, represent, and count different objects to practice their math skills, was an extremely huge hit throughout the month of January, so we plan to add new materials and continue to work together as well as independently on fundamental math skills through the month of February.

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