Hear what's happening in our Pre-Kindergarten!

Berwick Academy is incredibly fortunate to have an amazing group of faculty working with our students. In the Lower School, teachers communicate regularly with parents about what their children are experiencing in the classroom. Our Pre-K teachers recently sent out a parent update and here is what's in store for our very youngest students in the coming weeks:

It is amazing how rapidly this academic year seems to have passed. It has been wonderful to witness and support academic, social and emotional growth in all of your children.

During the month of May we have introduced a brief plant study discussing what plants need to grow while authentically supporting this endeavor through grass growing. The kitchen area has transformed to a flower shop as students learn through play and continue to develop content specific vocabulary concerning flower growth, math skills, writing, and problem solving skills. The plant and grass study has supported responsibility growth as the children are asked to water and care for the grass. Students will measure this grass and continue to think like scientists as they document the illustrate what they see in their nature journals. We have also introduced a lady bug study this month. We have observed the larvae and will continue to investigate the ladybug life cycle. This will take approximately three weeks.

We will continue to play outside and take Friday nature walks in the woods. We look forward to seeing, hearing, and smelling our surroundings as well enjoying the fresh air and our beautiful campus.

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