Ben Siegel '12

What was the best class you took at Berwick Academy? Why?
The best class I took at Berwick was AP Computer Science. I originally had no intention of taking this class when I signed up for classes at the end of my sophomore year, but Ms. Maddock talked me into taking it. It was a class of eight guys, and I learned so much about programming and problem solving. I had always been good at math, but this class challenged me in new ways which were amazing. It made me think in ways that I had never thought before, and forced me to break problems down to their core and think about every step that goes into solving them.

Who was the best teacher/coach you had Berwick Academy? Why?
It's really hard for me to choose just one teacher or coach because I really feel like I had a great connection with all of my mentors at Berwick. But if I had to choose one to be the best it would be Ms. Mehlhorn. Out of all of my teachers I made the best connection with her because she was my advisor for four years and my calculus teacher for two. I knew that she would always be there for me whenever I needed help or guidance. In addition to always being willing to help me in the classroom, I knew I could find her to talk about other issues I might have been having. She was as interested as getting to know me as a person as she was with making sure that I could perform well on the AP exam. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

How did Berwick Academy help you with the college process and with finding a college that was the right fit for you?
Berwick did an amazing job helping me through the college process. Ms. McKinnon was a huge help and was always great about answering my questions. She was willing to sit down and talk with me about my thoughts on college and what I was looking for in a school. She was adept about putting a list of schools together for me that fit with what I wanted to study, where I wanted to be, and what would challenge me academically. I couldn't have asked for more because I absolutely love school right now!

How did Berwick Academy prepare you for college?
I feel better prepared for the work at college than many of my peers. I am surrounded by a lot of people who are extremely intelligent, and many who are much smarter than me. But so far I'm doing better in school than most of them because of the work ethic that Berwick trained me to have. There is a lot of free time in college compared to high school, and time management is completely different here than at Berwick. But Berwick made me work hard, so I'm used to being productive even when it seems like I don't have to be. Sometimes I find myself not having any homework due for about a week (when I might have 3 large problems sets due). Instead of putting them off like many people do, I get a start on them early and don't need to stress out the night before they are all due. This all stems from what Berwick prepared me to do. 

What is the best thing about Berwick Academy?
Although I loved the academic and athletic programs during my time at Berwick, my favorite part, and the part that I miss most, is the tight-knit community. It was awesome being able to walk around the hallways and to recognize and even have a conversation with anyone. Even if I wasn't necessarily great friends with someone I still felt like I could have a conversation with them. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help with anything. Thinking about Berwick right now, I definitely miss the people most. Both students and faculty are incredible and want to get to know you beyond just the classroom. By the time I graduated my class felt like a family to me. I knew everyone so well and knew that it would be tough without them this year, but they all helped shape me into who I am and put me in a good place to pursue my passions in college.
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