Nicole Kleinmann '12

What was the best class you took at Berwick Academy? Why?
I really liked "Unheard Voices" last year because it made me realize how important it is to share one’s ideas in class and in life rather than silently thinking and being passive. The Laramie Project was an extreme real life story that motivated me to stand up for what I believe in, such as not being afraid to talk in large classes at B.C. and becoming involved in the coming election, since being passive will not help the future.

How did Berwick Academy help you with the college process and with finding a college that was the right fit for you?
Mrs. McKinnon was awesome and took time to meet with every student individually to figure out what one wanted. She suggested schools that I never heard of and had to Google. This helped me look at many different colleges as possible since at first, I had a small list. The mandatory college meetings, mock interview, and the SATs hosted at Berwick helped with applying to college.

How did Berwick Academy prepare you for college?
Berwick Academy prepared me for college in more than academics. There is a lot of homework at BC, but Berwick taught me how to time manage and how to deal with stress.

What is the best thing about Berwick Academy?
People truly care about school, sports, and the arts at Berwick. The small and friendly environment is encouraging to try new things, and I miss it!
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