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Marilena Canuto

Describe your classroom in five words:
Fun, active, hands on, energetic, and caring
Teacher Profile:
My name is Marilena Canuto, and I am the Director Of Physical Education. I teach pre-kindergarten through fourth grade physical education classes; coach Middle School: girls’ soccer, girls’ basketball, and girls’ Softball.  I was born in Long Island, NY and then moved to New London, NH with my parents and my three sisters and one brother.  After attending Kearsarge Regional High School, I attended the University Of New Hampshire to study kinesiology and compete on UNH’s winter and spring track teams.  I completed my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and also received my Master’s degree in Secondary Education.  I joined the Berwick Community in 1997 and have loved my job ever since.  I live in Sanford, Maine with my daughter, Ellie, who will be attending Berwick in the fall.
Why do you love teaching physical education?
I love being a unified explorations teacher because I get to see all of the students in the Lower School. I love working with the different abilities and talents that we have in our Division.  I teach the students new ways of staying active and having fun while exercising.  My primary goal for my students is for them to carry this love of exercising over into their daily lifestyles.    
How do you define great teaching?
Great teaching is having the kids seeing themselves succeed and having fun while doing it.  A great teacher is enthusiastic and focused on his or her subject area.  As such, they assist and encourage each student to learn new skills and to impart the knowledge they need to succeed.  Great teachers inspire students to do their best each and every time they go complete an activity.
Describe your classroom in five words:
Fun, active, hands on, energetic, and caring

What is your favorite thing about the Lower School?
One of the great things about the Lower School is the relationship between the teachers and the students.  The teachers work very hard to fully know and understand their students’ needs.  In teaching the students, faculty are there to help each student in the way that they know best.

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