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Wendy Harrington

Teacher Profile:

I am currently the Director of Academic Technology at Berwick Academy. I work with students and faculty in all grades to advance technology for learning and to educate students about digital citizenship. After working at the early childhood level for twenty years with an undergraduate degree from Tufts University, I made the exciting move to educational technology with a graduate degree from Lesley University in 2000, giving me the opportunity to promote and manage technology resources at Berwick. When not at my computers, I enjoy genealogy, gardening, sewing, quilting and wedding videography. I live in a historic farmhouse near my three children and five grandchildren in Hampton Falls, NH.

Serving Maine, The Seacoast of New Hampshire, and the North Shore of Massachusetts

Berwick Academy is Maine's oldest, independent Pre-K through Post Graduate private school. Our community is dynamic, offering challenging academics, competitive athletics, and creative arts programs. Members of the community operate within a context of caring and respect as we pursue our quest for "useful knowledge" as "one school with three divisions." Students and faculty are encouraged to expand their horizons by balancing academics with athletic, dramatic, and musical options.