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Affording Berwick

Schleyer Scholarship

The Mary Z. Schleyer Scholarship

To create greater access to a Berwick Academy education for students in the Seacoast, we offer the Mary Z. Schleyer Scholarship in addition to the $4.6M of enrollment support provided through the Affordable Tuition Program.
The Mary Z. Schleyer Scholarship is a fully-funded, four-year scholarship for two new students applying to the ninth grade who showcase extraordinary academic achievement and distinctive talents in one or more of the following areas: arts, athletics, community service, or leadership. Additionally, Schleyer Scholarship applicants must qualify for the Affordable Tuition Program to be eligible.

Become a Schleyer Scholar

  • Ensure that completed Admission and Financial Aid applications are submitted to Berwick Academy by January 15, 2023.
  • Submit a 300-500 word Schleyer Scholarship essay responding to the following question: If awarded the Schleyer Scholarship, how will you use your distinctive talents in arts, athletics, community service, or leadership to positively impact the community and life of Berwick Academy?


  • All Schleyer Applicants notified of their status February
  • Selected finalists will meet with a faculty committee in February
  • Recipients will be notified in March. 
  • Students who are not finalists will be considered for admission and affordable tuition and notified about those decisions on March 10, 2023.
If you have any questions about applying for the Schleyer Scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact Haley Preston, Director of Financial Aid and Associate Director of Admission at 207-384-6302. The Admission Team thanks you for considering Berwick and looks forward to assisting your family!

Berwick Academy

Berwick Academy, situated on an 80-acre campus just over one hour north of Boston, serves 600 students, Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. Deeply committed to its mission of promoting virtue and useful knowledge, Berwick Academy empowers students to be creative and bold. Berwick strives to graduate alumni who shape their own learning, take risks, ask thoughtful questions, and come to understand and celebrate their authentic selves.